Meet Our Staff

Pastor Kathleen Bagshaw


With the calling of the Pastors Bill and Patricia Schuster back to America Pastor Kathleen Bagshaw has taken on the mantle of Pastoring the Oasis Family Church.

Oversight Pastors Bill and Patricia Schuster

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Pastors Bill and Patricia Schuster have been serving the Lord for more than 25 years in the calling and
gifting of ‘ones sent out’.

As missionaries they have seen the Lord do great and mighty works in Guatemala, Panama, and El Salvador and now in Australia where they reside.

Rhema Bible Training Centre is where Bill and Patricia were rooted and grounded in the Word of Faith that they now preach and teach. In 1989 the Spirit of God began dealing with the Schuster’s concerning a new assignment.

Their last location: Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia. The work: Pioneer a new church. That was more than 15 years ago and God’s direction is still strong. God has gifted Bill and Patricia with an ability to boldly present the Gospel in a simple yet powerful manner. Down to earth, real, practical, caring; these are hallmarks of the ministry God has placed on their lives.